Saturday, December 22, 2007

Invest Your Time and Money Wisely By Studying Online For Your High School Diploma

Obtaining your GED (General Education Development) is not an easy walk through the park. The requirements are stringent and the necessary scores are sometimes quite difficult to acquire. Unfortunately some employers “look down” on a GED. In fact, some branches of the U.S. Military will not always automatically accept it.

Citizens’ High School offers the opportunity for anyone without a high school diploma to enter into a self-paced study program – and do so on-line in the convenience of one’s home, while on vacation or anywhere a Net-connected computer is available.

Founded in 1981 the physical campus of Citzens’ High School is located in Orange County, Florida. The school has been accredited through the Accrediting Commission of the Distance and Education Training Council which is nationally recognized as an accredited agency by the U.S. Department of Education.

Accreditation signifies that an academic institution not only consistently sets goals for students enrolled, but is also able to document the attainability of these goals on a year-by-year basis. Prospective students are given assurances regarding Citizens’ High School, as well as other educational institutions, of fiscal responsibility, valid curriculum, admission standards, and quality of instructors. Accreditation also helps prevents entanglement with “diploma mills” which “guarantee” diplomas in days or weeks based on “life experience”.

Through Citizens’ High School, studying for a high school diploma online has never been easier or more convenient. Students can virtually keep their present schedules, including full-time jobs and family obligations, with the least amount of interruption as possible. Citizens’ High school online programs work around the student.

Self-paced study is the key at Citizens. Study guides are made available with each course. Exams are “open-book” and are taken when the student feels he/she is ready. These are then mailed to Citizens for review. After the instructor grades the exams, they are recorded and then mailed back to the student.

New students are offered a satisfaction guaranteed promise via a 30-day (from the postmark date of the first course no obligation review of the first course. If a student is not 100% satisfied, all monies will be refunded after educational materials (in original condition) are returned. There is no further obligation.

REGISTER TODAY via direct mail or enroll online for more information and enrollment package. There is no application fee or legal obligation for completing this form.

About the author:
Thinking of getting your GED? Citizens' High School is a full government accredited High School provider that employers, colleges and universities value a more than a GED. Please visit and sign up for a free information package. E-mail: Voice: 1-800-736-4723


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