Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Study Habits For a Lifetime

Without productive study habits it is easy to spend too much time and see too little results. Here are 5 study habits that will prevent this from happening to you.

Find a Quiet Place to Study

It is easy to sit at the kitchen table and spread out your books, but distractions can abound in this setting which can hinder successful studying. In order to avoid this issue, and form good study habits, it is important that you find an area or room that is conductive to uninterrupted time. This is most easily achieved by sitting at a desk in a room with a door that closes and informing other members of your household of your need to not be interrupted.

Organize Your Papers

Organizing your papers before starting the studying process can seem like a waste of time. Why not just dive in? The answer to this is that organization beforehand can prevent a lot of wasted time spent looking for papers. But it goes beyond this, since even a minute or two of looking for a paper can interrupt your thoughts and make you loose valuable time in refocusing.

Tackle the Most Difficult Assignment First

This study habit can have a great impact on the quality of work produced. If you are fresh and alert then you are more likely to do better work than if you are tired and anxious to be done. It can also help to make a list of assignments, in order from greatest difficulty to easiest, and then check off each one as it is accomplished.

Focus on One Subject at a Time

It is easy to jump back and forth between subjects, but this can break your focus and make you loose valuable study time. Set aside your books for other subjects, pull out all of your resources for the subject you are working on, and dive in.

Take Breaks

This does not mean turn on the television and spend an hour watching it. What it does mean is that it can be very beneficial to stand up for 5-10 minutes every hour or so and do stretches. Refocusing the eyes and body means that when you do return to your work you are more attentive and productive.

Study habits are well worth the time spent integrating them into your life, since they save so much time and effort in the long run. They allow for more success and confidence and in this way are invaluable.

About the Author: Sarah J Holt writes for Increase Brainpower .com. For more on Study Habits, and to get the Brain Power Newsletter and other free gifts, visit:


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