Sunday, April 27, 2008

Home Library, 6 Strategies How to Create and Design it

There are many sources that we can get to enhance our knowledge, because as an entrepreneur, we can not avoid from learning. Learning is important activity that entrepreneurs must do every day. Entrepreneurs must not go to school or campus to add their knowledge. They can get information from books or Internet, beside as an entrepreneur some time has idea to build Home library. People some time tend to think that build home library need a lot of money and difficult to design. It is easy to build and design it, let’s begin now.

1. Collecting books.
Perhaps, it is boring time to look for your old books that spread every where. To collect your spreading books, help to remind you off title and contain of your old books and beginning to write down and making classification.

2. To choose right place.
We do not need new building to create home library. We only need your own decision to choose the right place around your home. You can create near your bedroom, living room, near dining room, or perhaps near your kitchen. If your home or apartment is so small, choose in the corner place is wiser.

3. Choose right furniture.
We need simple furniture for our home library. If we say home library furniture, need chair, cupboard for books and simple table. Choose cupboard that appropriate to your collecting books, shape and thickness. If your new home library is so small, you only need simple carpet.

4. Right lamp for reading activity.
We need light when we are reading. Without right light, make our eyes feel uncomfortable. Choose the best lamp that you feel comfort when you are reading.

5. Keeping your books in the cupboard.
You can place your books by book size, shape, topic, content and title so that you can find easily.

6. Keeping your books clean.
We need few steps to keep your books clean and good. Clean your books using prefect cleaner tool from dusk. If your books smell not good, take and place them on open air so that sun can make dry.

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