Saturday, March 21, 2009

10 Megatrend About Studying

10 megatrend to learn about at this time and to the future. Tenth trends are:

(1) learn through our lives
(2) learning in organizations, institutions, associations, networks
(3) study focused on real needs
(4) the ability to learn with the whole brain
(5) learn together
(6) learning through multi-media, technology, format, and style
(7) to learn directly from the thought
(8) learning through teaching / learning
(9) learning through our education system that will change quickly to help the lifelong learning and community learning, and
(10) learn how to learn.

Meanwhile, related to the learning process, in learning that need to be able to:
(1) increase understanding and improve the learning process
(2) initiatives to encourage students to learn
(3) ability to encprypt the optimal strategy
(4) facilitate the process of internal learning, and
(5) to make learning more effective, efficient, and interesting.


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